Defining Calibration & Qualification of Equipment
  • Calibration of an instrument is the process of determining its accuracy. The process involves obtaining a reading from the instrument and measuring its variation from the reading obtained from a standard instrument. Calibration of an instrument also involves adjusting its precision and accuracy so that its readings come in accordance with the established standard.
What is Equipment Calibration?
  • Calibration of equipment needs to be carried out on a regular basis. This is because instruments tend to deviate owing to hard operating conditions, mechanical shocks or exposure to extreme temperature or pressure. Frequency of calibration would depend on the tolerance level. When the objective of the measurement is critical calibration would need to be carried out more frequently and with great accuracy.
  • To assure accuracy in instrument calibration, it is vital to ensure that each component of the measuring instrument is conforming to its specified standard. Regular equipment calibration carried out in a set format helps you obtain valid data and operate in a safe working environment.